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Quirky, magnetic and honest to a fault, newcomer Lexi Cline puts a shamelessly vulnerable spin on pop music— her songs aren’t just open-book, they’re lyrical diary entries. Layering deceptively snappy melodies with candid prose, Cline’s confession-inclined artistry manifests itself so seamlessly, it’s hard to tell whether she’s pulling from her diary or from yours. When you listen to Lexi Cline, you might be listening to her story, but don’t be surprised if you find your own bleeding in between every line. Admittedly staring anxiety in the eyes on a daily basis, Cline proclaims “I want to make music that inspires people to be exactly who they are. “Embracing yourself is

the most powerful thing in the world, and if I can help somebody get there, I know I’m doing something right.” Having already dropped a string of tracks that paved the way to her June 2020 EP Better Late Than Never, Lexi Cline will take her next steps towards becoming one of pop’s most distinct, young voices.

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